Car Kilometer Requirements

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Car Kilometer Requirements

Post by inline boi on Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:02 pm

As 1.03 comes on GCS Insim I would like to announce the new system on GCS the Kilometer Requirements as Trish requested to make one I made one as new system.

Free as always on GCS this type of car makes you more welcome on the server Smile

Driven enough out of XFG or UF1? if you got already on 200km why not buy some spare of XR to taste this car as your new thing Smile

no pic for VWS Sad
After just one car unlocked on 200km level why not reach up to 700km to get this things used for more Smile

Are you tired on Turbo? why not on Road cars for 1200km and unlock the drift meter for RWD!

More driving more fun right? so cruisers be ready on this unlock requirements for 1900km

Get hooked? after the two GTR unlocked why not some for new unlocks in 3000km

now finally recognize yourself as a cruiser Smile lol anyways having a one seater car is good so in the next 3200km you will unlock this baby

5000km for FBM and FOX :: all the car requirements are done! so happy cruising everybody Smile
inline boi

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Re: Car Kilometer Requirements

Post by ChemicalXxX on Wed Sep 15, 2010 4:41 am

Nice inline Smile very nice



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