One of GIR Server is back!

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One of GIR Server is back! Empty One of GIR Server is back!

Post by inline boi on Sun Jun 20, 2010 7:14 am

Yes, Finally the Genetically_Improved_Racers black days are going to be over someday again.

The GIR Cruise Server in S2 is finally running on its 5th day (June 20, 2010) with a new hoster mgodw2 (Matt) and we still have to configure for another host its coming soon.

[GIR] Cruise Server - S2 Server (Opened!) tnx to Matt!

And we got a hoster for this 3 Servers for demo by New Member |Quarazhi (-Drifter)|
[GIR] Cruise Server 2 - Demo Server (Coming Soon)
[GIR] Drag Server - Demo Server (the comeback of the dragsters) [coming soon]
[GIR] Drift Server - Demo Server (coming soon)
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