Cruise Server Set of FAQ#1 [OLD GCS INSIM]

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Cruise Server Set of FAQ#1 [OLD GCS INSIM] Empty Cruise Server Set of FAQ#1 [OLD GCS INSIM]

Post by Team GIR on Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:22 pm

While playing on our LFS Server - {GIR} Cruise Server you might find yourself asking some questions here on this page we will answer those questions for you.

1) How do I pit without getting fined?

Well to do that you have to drive to pit under that garage area until you see the word Pit Safe! come up on the insim display or you can type !pit or !tow to safely go there then you can Shift + P.

2) Where is the bank and how do I rob it?

Well the bank is located on the left after passing the starting line where you see the solid barriers. To rob it just drive and stop your car for like 2 seconds and if you are successful the insim will notify you the same goes if you don't suceed.

N.B - A cop has to be on the server and on duty for you to rob the bank.

Cruise Server Set of FAQ#1 [OLD GCS INSIM] Bank

3) Where do i find lotto tickets?

Stop at every solid barrier on track and you may find one.

4) Can I be cop?

Fill out your application form and submit it in the Officers/Cadets post

{GIRPD} - Genetically Improved Racers Police Department

5) How do I buy cars?

First type !prices and you will see the list of cars and their prices then you type !buy CARNAME.

6) How do i make money?

DRIVE!! & Find a Lotto Ticket


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